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2018-07-09 2018-08-08
Tribune Company
San Diego , CA
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Location US-CA-San Diego
Posted Date 4 weeks ago (6/13/2018 6:04 PM)


Your creative vision will help build our local Fox 5 News brand and drive results.

Fox 5 San Diego, a Tribune Broadcasting station, is looking for a creative and innovative Full-time PM News Topical Producer : Someone who has a strong understanding of daily topicals, a passion for television news and leans forward into innovation . In this creative position you will write, produce, shoot, and edit effective daily news topical spots that grab an audience, and air in prime time and on social media.

Collaborating with the creative services director and news promotion manager, working in our newsroom with market-leading talent, you will drive our daily news on-air promotion messaging using state of the art tools including Premiere and After Effects.

Can you collaborate and execute daily news promotion spots in the style and voice of FOX 5 San Diego’s news brand? If so we want to see digital files or links to your best TV news promos and latest resume.

Creative pros only. You must be proficient in Premiere or Final Cut X; plus creative writing, video shooting, and producing news promotion.

Prior broadcast or cable TV news promotion and quality ences required. Interest in local TV news is a must, newsroom experience a plus. College degree pred.

If you can bring strong creativity and execution, solid shooting and writing, plus team work and no fear of deadlines, you will fit right in. We’re FOX so we go in our own direction. Join us!

Tribune Media Company (NYSE: TRCO) is home to a diverse portfolio of television and digital properties driven by quality news, entertainment, and sports programming. Tribune Media is comprised of Tribune Broadcasting's 42 owned or operated local television stations reaching more than 50 million households, national entertainment network WGN America, whose reach is approaching 80 million households, Tribune Studios, and a variety of digital applications and websites commanding 60 million monthly unique visitors online. Tribune Media also includes Chicago's WGN-AM and the national multicast networks Antenna TV and THIS TV. Additionally, the Company owns and manages a significant number of real estate properties across the U.S. and holds a variety of investments, including a 31% equity interest in TV Food Network and a 32% equity interest in CareerBuilder. For more information please visit
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Tribune Company

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The first decade of adulthood is a flurry of foundation-building activities, including starting your career, building a family and establishing the assets you’ll eventually rely on in retirement. Unfortunately, saving for a future 40+ years away usually isn’t top of mind for most 20-somethings. Investing often falls low on the list of priorities, with many young adults assuming they’ve got plenty of time to establish and contribute to retirement accounts.

While it’s true time is on your side in your 20s, getting an early start on your financial future can put you well ahead of the game. Although it may seem overwhelming, there are ways to wade into the investing pool without diving directly into the deep end. For example:

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should go toward savings and investments. While your income may not be at its peak in your 20s, you likely have fewer demands on your resources (like paying for a mortgage and your kid’s college tuition) and can better leverage whatever salary you’re earning.

One of the easiest ways to get started is by taking advantage of your employer’s 401(k) match. Many companies help you save for retirement by offering matching contributions to your 401(k) investing account, usually $.50 for each $1.00 you save, up to a specific percentage. At this stage, you should at least pony up enough of your own dough to earn the full employer match – otherwise, you’re leaving free money on the table.

With all the burgeoning responsibilities of your post-graduation years, managing your investments is one that can easily slip your mind. By putting your investment activities on autopilot, you can free your time for other tasks without neglecting your financial future. A robo-advisor can provide many of the benefits of an in-person investment advisor at a much lower cost. And since you’re not involved in the day-to-day management of your account, you can avoid getting spooked and making unwarranted and emotional changes to your account based on natural market fluctuations. (However, you’ll still need to examine your accounts at least annually to make sure you’re on track to reach your goals.)

Make it even easier on yourself by opting for automatic increases to your investing accounts. As your salary rises, you can automatically save more without noticing a big impact to your paycheck – it’s a win-win!

You don’t have to be an investing guru to have a well-balanced portfolio. Diversified investment vehicles such as index and target-date funds are designed as micro-representations of the entire financial market, piecing together stocks and bonds from different sectors and risk levels without requiring you to select each fund separately. This can help de-clutter your portfolio and provide for even more automation during these early investing years, as a target-date fund will automatically adjust its risk level as you get closer to retirement. Keep an eye on costs such as trading and maintenance fees; the expense ratio should be no higher than roughly 0.5 percent.

Putting a few dollars here and there into an investing account may not seem significant, but those little cash injections can go a long way over time. If you put just $4 into a jar every day – the cost of your morning latte – you’ll have more than $100 to invest every month without really trying. And with many online sOliver Womens Crew Neck Long Sleeve LongSleeved Shirt Multicoloured 18 All Seasons Available SJ1fNw
offering low account minimums (or no minimums at all), you can pretty much start investing with the coins under your couch cushions.

Time is not a renewable resource, and your future self will thank you for every penny you put toward investing while you’re in your 20s. By starting early, you can build yourself a hefty nest egg to help pay for the retirement lifestyle you want. It can be difficult to truly appreciate the value of those funds 40 or 50 years from now, but some simple math may make it easier:

If a 25-year-old invests $100 per month and achieves a modest 6-percent rate of return, they will have accumulated $185,700 by age 65. Waiting until 35 to start investing cuts that amount to $94,800, a difference of $90,900. That’s no chump change!

All too often, 20-somethings keep their money in safe, easily liquidable investments, such as certificates of deposit and money market accounts. While you might be wary of the financial markets following the ups-and-downs of the last several years, these conservative investment choices could be harmful to your future. Why? Because the lower rate of return usually doesn’t keep up with inflation over the long run. That means you’ll eventually end up with an investment that’s not much more valuable than it would be had you stashed your cash in a shoebox at home. Opening yourself to more risk, such as equities, will drive the growth you need to build long-term wealth. Plus, your age means you’ll have the opportunity to recoup any losses you may experience.

Your 20s are a time of learning and growth that set the stage for the rest of your life. These years are a once-in-a-lifetime chance to leverage time, opportunity and the power of compounding interest to create a comfortable financial future. What are you waiting for?

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Still have questions? Contact support

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AnyChart js charting library supports several ways of setting data. This article quickly demonstrates main aspects of using JSON format in AnyChart component. Last sample of this article demonstrates cartesian chart with advanced settings. For the information on other ways of setting data see UData Sets and Supported Data Formats articles.

You can also load JSON settings from files using Data Adapter as described in Missguided Knot Front Flute Sleeve Blouse Buy Cheap Sale RxWyb

JSON or JavaScript Object Notation, is an open standard format that uses human-readable text to transmit data objects consisting of attribute-value pairs. It is used primarily to transmit data between a server and web application, as an alternative to XML. For more information visit Cost Online Ultimo Womens OMG Balcony PushUp Everyday Bra Buy Cheap Lowest Price Outlet Genuine 6Va36Y3wA

JSON Schema specifies a JSON-based format to define the structure of JSON data (visit Tommy Hilfiger Wool Blend VNeck Jumper Cheap Sale Shop Cheapest Sale Finishline Outlet Best Store To Get Get Online taSRRYw
for more information). All objects of this schema correspond to JavaScript methods and parameters of a chart. AnyChart JSON schema varies from version to version. For example, JSON Schema for AnyChart version 8.3.0 is located at Release Dates Sale Online For Nice Online New Look White Rose Floral Tie Front Jumpsuit Visit New 8g2FedpnPX
. Whenever you use AnyChart JSON schema - make sure its corresponds to the version of AnyChart.

To load chart configuration in JSON format you should use Sidecar Womens CarmenI17 Jersey Clearance Discounts B0yNnILP
method. Setting data using JSON format is very similar to the way of setting data in JavaScript. The name of every object in JSON configuration corresponds to the name of a method or parameter in JavaScript. Snippet below demonstrates configuration of the simple chart.

This configuration creates chart like the one below

Note: Pie chart can have only one data series, thus JSON configuration for pie chart requires no "series" object.


JSON configuration can contain string, object, array, number, boolean and null. The variety of acceptable data formats makes the AnyChart JSON structure very similar to JavaScript configuration. To find out any required method or parameter use Tommy Hilfiger Lace Brazilian Briefs Cheapest Cheap Online Low Shipping Cheap Price All Size How Much Sale Online View Cheap Online 9qxbRZ0bk
. API describes how every method and parameter are used. The structure is pretty much the same for JSON configuration. For example, you can find Very ALine Skirt Women Discount Best Prices Wiki For Sale Free Shipping Eastbay dPZC2hKUO
method in API to create column chart.

X(11123) is the point P602 at Goldie Estelle Womens Olivia Blouse Outlet Browse Buy Cheap Newest Professional Online tarqwt

X(11123) lies on these lines: {2,523}, {3,8151}, {22,669}, {184,8723}, {351,2799}, {512,3917}, {525,3167}, {647,1196}, {690,8030}, {804,3268}, {826,1640}, {868,6328}, {1316,5489}, {1499,3534}, {3526,10279}, {5070,10280}, {9147,9479}

X(11123) = midpoint of X(3268) and X(9131) X(11123) = reflection of X(i) in X(j) for these (i,j): (2, 10190), (1649, 9168), (8029, 2), (8371, 1649) X(11123) = anticomplement of X(10278) X(11123) = crosspoint of X(99) and X(523) X(11123) = crosssum of X(110) and X(512) X(11123) = crossdifference of every pair of points on line X(187) X(9218) X(11123) = reflection of X(8029) in the Euler line X(11123) = X(9395)-anticomplementary conjugate of X(3448) X(11123) = Hutson-Parry-circle-inverse of X(10189) X(11123) = barycentric product X(523)*X(620) X(11123) = barycentric quotient X(620)/X(99) X(11123) = {X(2),X(5466)}-harmonic conjugate of X(10189)

X(11124) is the point P603 at Table 47 .

X(11124) lies on these lines: {55,650}, {165,513}, {197,667}, {497,10006}, {514,10164}, {521,3167}, {522,3971}, {657,1200}, {885,5281}, {926,1635}, {1376,3126}, {3158,3251}

X(11124) = crosspoint of X(100) and X(650) X(11124) = crosssum of X(513) and X(651) X(11124) = crossdifference of every pair of points on line X(241) X(9356) X(11124) = centroid of the side triangle of ABC and 1st circumperp triangle X(11124) = barycentric product X(650)*X(3035) X(11124) = barycentric quotient X(3035)/X(4554)

X(11125) is the point P628 at Table 47 .

X(11125) lies on these lines: {11,244}, {242,514}, {376,9524}, {522,3582}, {1099,6739}, {1636,1637}, {2457,6003}, {2773,5902}, {4064,8062}, {4777,6129}, {6006,7661}

X(11125) = crossdifference of every pair of points on line X(71) X(74) X(11125) = tripolar centroid of X(27) X(11125) = intersection of tangents to incircle at X(11) and X(1354) X(11125) = intersection of tangents at X(244) and X(1099) to inellipse centered at X(10) X(11125) = isoconjugate of X(j) and X(j) for these (i,j): {72,1304}, {74,100}, {101,2349}, {190,2159}, {692,1494}, {1332,8749}, {2433,4567}, {5380,9717} X(11125) = barycentric product X(i)*X(j) for these {i,j}: {27,9033}, {30,514}, {86,1637}, {286,2631}, {522,6357}, {649,3260}, {693,2173}, {905,1784}, {1495,3261}, {1990,4025}, {2407,3120}, {3676,7359}, {4240,4466}, {4750,9214}, {7649,11064} X(11125) = barycentric quotient X(i)/X(j) for these (i,j): (30,190), (513,2349), (514,1494), (649,74), (667,2159), (1474,1304), (1495,101), (1636,3682), (1637,10), (1784,6335), (1990,1897), (2173,100), (2407,4600), (2420,4570), (2631,72), (3120,2394), (3122,2433), (3260,1978), (3284,1331), (6357,664), (7359,3699), (9033,306), (9406,692), (9409,71), (11064,4561) X(11125) =

X(11126) lies on the curves K341b, K856, Q033, and these lines: {2, 17}, {3, 54}, {6, 2981}, {14, 5616}, {15, 11004}, {16, 323}, {22, 5864}, {61, 1994}, {110, 3130}, {299, 1273}, {302, 8838}, {471, 11078}, {559, 3219}, {616, 2902}, {622, 8836}, {2993, 3181}, {3060, 3129}, {3201, 6104}, {5456, 7309}

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